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At Gypsian Boutique Tours travel is our passion and we’ve put that passion into practice. We offer the trips that we’d love to take: soul satisfying journeys that embrace the cultural differences that make travel so enriching.

Our tour style is unrushed, adventurous but comfortable and because our groups are small we offer more flexible itineraries and the opportunity to go where big tour buses can’t. If you are looking for boutique adventure tours then our range of small group tours will leave you spoilt for choice.

Our boutique tours offer an adventure like no other tour provider. We take you on tours that get up close to local cultures and take you to areas other tour providers simply do not offer. If you are a traveller that embraces adventure and loves exploring the different cultures these beautiful countries have to offer then you will be well placed on one of our group tours.

You will always travel in small groups to offer more opportunity to explore and have unique experiences. In our experience larger tour groups do not get the opportunity to visit and see the places a smaller group can, which is why we limit the amount of people per tour, allowing you to enjoy the local attractions and environment.

At Gypsian Boutique Tours we want to share our passion for the countries we explore. You are invited to join us and satisfy the Gypsy at heart…..

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Many of our guests find themselves looking for more soul satisfying destinations. So whether we’re already well acquainted, or you’re thinking about joining one of our tours, we’d love for you to be part of the Gypsian Family. We’ll send out exclusive info on upcoming tours, travel tips and local tricks and of course you’ll be the first to know about any promotions we’re running.