Custom Solo Tours to Portugal

Portugal might be a small country but it is certainly rich in history, culture and for us a smorgasboard of endless sights. The country is abound with picturesque villages, beautiful coastlines, stunning valleys and medieval castles and Portuguese certainly have a vibrancy to life that is infectious to all who visit. Lisbon makes an excellent entrée into the Iberian Peninsular with travel writers pouring into the city and outpouring superlatives to talk about the revitalized local neighbourhood, the food scene and cultural renaissance of this historic city. Discover the stunning vineyards of the Doura Valley as you sip some of the best port wine in the world and perhaps try the coveted Azaruja sausage made from black Alentejo pigs and enjoy Fado at its’ best in Coimbra. Portugal’s seafaring history has blended flavours that have become essentials including olive oil, onions, bay leaves, sweet and hot peppers, saffron, vanilla and cinnamon. The infusion of wine, olive oil and garlic flavours adds a comforting taste, delivering full-flavoured dishes closely related to Mediterranean cuisine.

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With its’ world-class restaurants, magnificent seafood, a reputation for style and a long pedigree in art and culture, Portugal’s first city remains high on every discerning traveller’s hit list.


Leave the buzz of Lisbon behind and head on down to Sintra. It’s not surprising this stunning medieval town is often described poetically as “heaven on earth” with its’ fantasy castles, rich green valleys, craggy hilltops and glorious hazy views of the Atlantic.


A walled medieval town of whitewashed houses and wrought-iron balconies this city is famous for its’ exceptional food and even greater wines. This ancient walled city has a stunning combination of Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture.


The small medieval village of Óbidos is certainly one of the more significant wedding gifts throughout history. Still completely surrounded by its ancient walls, whitewashed houses and colourful bougainvilleas make for a very pleasurable day. King Dom Dinis built his massive castle here (now a Pousada) and gave the city to his wife as a wedding gift.


Spend part of your exploring this medieval city and ancient capital of Portugal in the Middle Ages where it is renowned for possessing the oldest university in Portugal. Students from around the country came to Coimbra to excel in perhaps the best educational systems, creating a student sub-culture that gives it a unique vibrancy and atmosphere that is unlike any other city in Portugal.

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley, an exceptionally beautiful landscape of terraced hillside vineyards, patches of woodland and charming little villages, is the home of the world famous port. Besides this nectar, this is one of Portugal’s most unique wine region with a lot of secrets yet to discover.


Some of the largest wine cellars in Portugal are here. Worth visiting is the Herdade do Esporao Winery which was established in 1267, the estate also includes a medieval tower and chapel.


Visit the spectacular hilltop Monastery of Convento de Cristo. This city was born within the monastery’s fortress walls and built by the Knights Templar in the 12th Century.


What can we say that hasn't already been said about this beautiful city. Explore the city through your taste buds and sample delicious local cuisine.